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Practitioner Research in ECE. Concepts from north and south. Paper in symposium G/29 "Transnational explorations of practitioner research: Perspectives from north and south.

Författare och institution:
Karin Rönnerman (Institutionen för pedagogik och specialpedagogik); Christine Woodrow (-)
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In Abstractbook: Innovation, Experimentation and Adventure in Early Childhoods. 25th EECERA conference, Barcelona 7-10 September 2015, s. 326-327
Konferensbidrag - refereegranskat abstract
Sammanfattning (abstract):
TRANSNATIONAL EXPLORATIONS OF PRACTITIONER RESEARCH: PERSPECTIVES FROM THE NORTH AND SOUTH Self-organised Symposium CHAIR: LINDA NEWMAN The University of Newcastle, Australia Practitioner research has become a legitimate form of professional learning for teachers; and has been identified as a 'paradigm shift gathering momentum'. It is increasingly known in quality improvement and teacher growth and empowerment in schools. In early childhood contexts, practitioner research, whilst growing; is still relatively unknown. Given the increase in human capital discourses, we advocate for strengthening pedagogical quality and 'growing' the profession; through the use of practitioner research. Methodologies and methods are discussed ranging through communities of practice, collaborative practitioner research, epistemic disobedience, appreciative inquiry, agentic knowing and the (Nordic) concept of bildung. We bring together a range of research stories, from South Africa, Chile, Australia and Sweden to demonstrate the methodologies in action. Through case studies we raise significant and sometimes-contested issues, for example voice and power, the nature of partnership, leadership development, strengthening pedagogical practices and promoting the quality of early childhood practice. Practitioner Research in ECEC: Concepts and practices from north and south CHRISTINE WOODROW (1), KARIN RÖNNERMAN (2) (1) University of Western Sydney, Australia (2) Göteborgs Universitet, Sweden This paper aims to explore emergent forms of collaborative practitioner research developed in different northern (Nordic-bildung) and southern (Freirian, Australian) traditions, contributing to expanding the range of practice-based methodologies available to the field.The presentation draws on previous research about teachers as researchers (Cochran-Smith & Lytle, 2007) and practitioner research as vehicle for change (Somekh & Zeichner, 2009) to provide an analysis of case studies from the perspective of different research traditions in Norway and Australia (Ronnerman 2014, Woodrow2015).“The theoretical framework draws on theories of professional learning (Vescio, Ross & Adams 2008), and action research theory (Kemmis, 2014, Groundwater Smith & Mockler, 2008), to explore how social, cultural and historical forces shape collaboration within communities of practice (Wenger 1998).The paper illustrates how Practitioner Research invokes democratic ideals to produce locally relevant knowledge involving systematic data collection through culturally relevant Inquiry based interpretive methodologies, using photostory and mind-mapping. Ethical imperatives are implicitly and explicitly a part of PR. Issues of power relationships, who can create knowledge, and informed consent are exposed and made transparent. We compare southern hemisphere traditions and experiences of collaborative field based PR research with Nordic traditions of action research, considering their contributions to empowerment of teachers, the sustainability of change, and the relationship between the academy and the professions. We consider how practitioners hold significant knowledge from inside practice that enables sustainable change.We consider the implications for developing professional learning programs that value knowledge produced from inside practice to resource sustainable change.
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Pedagogiskt arbete
practitioner research, knowledge production, mindmapping, photostory, practice based research
Ytterligare information:
Paper kommer att publiceras i en bok utgiven av SAGE i oktober 2015 Rönnerman, K. (2015). Developing collaboration by using mindmaps in practitioner research. In L. Newman & C. Woodrow. (Eds.). Practitioner Research in Early Childhood. International Issues and Perspectives. London: SAGE Publication.
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2015-09-10 18:10

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