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Personalisation and the education commodity: A meta-ethnographic analysis

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Dennis Beach (Institutionen för pedagogik och specialpedagogik)
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Keynote presentation at the PoPE lectures (Politics of Privatisation in Education), Trinity College Dublin, Sept 1-2, 2015,
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Sammanfattning (abstract):
The Nordic countries of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark are identified by the OECD as amongst the five most egalitarian countries in the world in terms of their levels of education equity and social justice. Their Education Acts all point out that education at both primary and secondary levels should promote the maximum development of all children across all forms of diversity, by compensating for any potentially negative variations in their learning possibilities. More or less word for word they each state that all children and youth should have equal access to education regardless of gender, ethnicity, place of residence, physical or intellectual differences, or social and economic factors, and that special support should be given to pupils who have difficulties in completing their education successfully for any of these reasons. This is expressed as important moreover, not simply because inequity is unfair in itself, but also because a ‘good education for all’ is seen as the way of creating a more just society. The following presentation will be directed at these issues. It is based on the outcomes of ethnographic and/or meta-ethnographic research that has to some degree described various ways in which the Nordic models of education have become educational structures that on paper promise to provide equal educational opportunities for all, regardless of their diversities, but in practice have actually failed to do so. The presentation is very much one that is still in process and under development. Concepts and policies of personalization and privatisation in education will be given specific attention.
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2015-09-04 09:25

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