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Identifying Scandinavian ethnography: Articulating notions of theory and objectivity in the ethnography of education

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Dennis Beach (Institutionen för pedagogik och specialpedagogik)
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A. Tervooren, N. Engel, M. Göhlich, I. Miethe und S. Reh (2014: Eds). Ethnographie und differenz in pädagogischen Feldern. , s. 119-132
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Sammanfattning (abstract):
This chapter is based on a keynote lecture. It discusses the research practices and written products of researchers at departments of education in Scandinavian countries who use ethnography to conduct education research there. I exclude through this focus the work of sociologists, anthropologists, ethnologists and others who may also use ethnographic methods in educational settings as a part of their research. It makes the presentation somewhat selective, as does the limitations set by the analytical tools that I have recognized as available and what I have chosen as the important points that can be conveyed in a 60 minute talk to colleagues from Germany using the English language. The presentation is based on my readings of ethnography and a kind of meta-ethnographic analysis that departs from an assumption that by a broad reading of research followed by an attempt to identify and compare key concepts across ethnographic studies, it may be possible to develop a reasonably general synthesis that expands the scope of study beyond its restriction to individual cases. The meta-ethnographic analysis has also been complimented by interviews with Scandinavian researchers and compared to the documentations I have made of twenty years participation in the research community a researcher, examiner, writer and supervisor. In Scandinavian education ethnography the ethnographic standard of getting close to human action in a specific situation for a reasonably extensive time period is almost ubiquitous, as is an aim to describe and include insider perspectives on the activities that have been documented in order to excavate, document, describe and analyse education practices, processes and identity formations. Multiple methods are often used and a spiral of data production related to hypothesis building and theory testing is often described. There is usually a focus on one particular case (or a very limited number of strictly bounded and related cases). Research is also said to lead to further questions and new rounds of field-work rather than final definitive answers about key aspects of education culture. These ideas are recognised of course outside of Scandinavia too. Theoretical naivety is rarely adopted and several quite different theoretical positions are used for framing the work done.
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Ethnography Theory Objectivity Method
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2014-06-10 08:56

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