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Developing national recommendations for occupational therapy for clients with severe disability in Finland

Författare och institution:
Maarit Karhula (-); Katja Kanelisto (-); Mari Kantanen (-); Toini Harra (-); Greta Häggblom Kronlöf (Institutionen för neurovetenskap och fysiologi, sektionen för klinisk neurovetenskap och rehabilitering)
Publicerad i:
COTEC- International congress of occupational therapy, 24-27/5 2012, Stockholm. (Oral presentation),
Konferensbidrag, poster
Sammanfattning (abstract):
Introduction: Multidisciplinary research project was conducted to foster evidence based practice for persons with severe disabilities in Finland. Aims: To study current occupational therapy practice in Finland and research evidence that support interventions for clients with stroke, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy as a starting point for national recommendations. Methods: Survey of occupational therapy practice in Finland and systematic literature reviews of the effectiveness of occupational therapy interventions were conducted. Results: Current occupational therapy practices in goal settings, clinical assessment and interventions were diverse. There were limited amount of high quality studies available concerning occupational therapy with persons with multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy. Stronger evidence was found when the focus was on improving the activities of daily living and leisure after a stroke. Conclusion: National recommendations for occupational therapists suggest using more extensively theory-based approaches and clinical reasoning together with research knowledge when working with this target group
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