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Don't ask don't tell: Battered women living in Sweden encounter with healthcare personnel and their experience of the care given

Författare och institution:
Darcia Pratt-Eriksson (Institutionen för vårdvetenskap och hälsa); Ingegerd Bergbom (Institutionen för vårdvetenskap och hälsa); Elisabeth Dahlborg Lyckhage (-)
Publicerad i:
International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-Being, 9
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
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Sammanfattning (abstract):
In recent years there has been increased intimate partner violence (IPV) toward women. Research on the care provided to victims of IPV is limited. The purpose of the study was to gain a deeper understanding of women's lived experience of IPV and their encounters with healthcare professionals, social workers, and the police following IPV. A phenomenological hermeneutic method inspired by the philosophy of Paul Ricoeur was used. The method is based on text interpretation and gives voice to women's lived experience. Twelve women living at a women's shelter in Sweden narrated their IPV experiences. The study revealed that the women experienced retraumatization, uncaring behaviors, and unendurable suffering during their encounter with healthcare professionals. They were disappointed, dismayed, and saddened by the lack of support, care, and empathy. Nurses and other healthcare professionals must understand and detect signs of IPV as well as provide adequate care, as these women are vulnerable. IPV victims need to feel that they can trust healthcare professionals. Lack of trust can lead to less women reporting IPV and seeking help.
Ämne (baseras på Högskoleverkets indelning av forskningsämnen):
Annan medicin och hälsovetenskap
nursing, intimate partner violence, emergency, uncaring, suffer, VIOLENCE
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