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Progress or Failure: The quest for gender mainstreaming in transportation policies

Författare och institution:
Marie Thynell (Institutionen för globala studier, freds- och utvecklingsforskning)
Publicerad i:
WIiT Paris 2014 : Women's Issues in Transportation, s. 24
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Gender and Development, Mobility, Cities, Transportation, Policy, Development Banks, Women, the UN, Sustainable Transport, Empowerment
Ytterligare information: This article examines the gendered order of urban mobility. Today’s cities are growing and consequently, the length and numbers of urban travels are increasing. The character of transportation is a barrier impeding on access and mobility for women and low-income men. After an overview of conditions for women’s mobility in cities and some examples from Asian cities, a couple of policy initiatives are presented and discussed; ‘Gender and Development’, the UN supported sustainable transport and initiatives by the Development Banks. The shortcoming of gender mainstreaming has important implications for the quality of life of women as well as for societal development. Time has come for policy-makers to take a more equitable approach to transport planning in line with the ambition of sustainable transport. The failure of gender mainstreaming of transport policies is explored by means of a ‘gender and development’ approach.
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2013-12-17 18:03
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