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Workplace Design in Indentity Construction – Contrasting Managers’ Functional Intentions and Employees’ Aesthetic Experiences

Författare och institution:
Anna Rylander (Högskolan för design och konsthantverk)
Publicerad i:
29th EGOS Colloquium, 4-6 July, Montreal, Canada. ,
Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat
Sammanfattning (abstract):
Based on an empirical study of a management consulting this paper explores the role of workplace design in identity construction from thee different angles; management intentions in the design process, the architect’s interpretation of the workplace concept and the resulting design, and the employees’ aesthetic experience and interpretation of the workplace design. The analysis showed that these three perspectives differed significantly in terms of how they made sense of the symbolic meaning of design features, but also more fundamentally in terms of the perceived role of the office as well as the process for construction of meaning relating to the workplace design. The case also shows how the symbolic, aesthetic and instrumental dimensions workplace design are intertwined in practice and show the limitations of the dominant functional perspective. It is argued that in order to design workplaces that fully support knowledge work in organizations with mobile workforces we may need to fundamentally rethink how workplaces are designed. This requires adopting an aesthetic perspective that departs from the aesthetic experience of organizational members, allowing for the immediate non-verbal and emotional reactions to surface and provide rich information for the design process.
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Workplace design, aestehtics, organizational identity
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2013-12-04 10:35

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