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School sport in Swedish primary schools - a change of the Swedish model

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Magnus Ferry (Institutionen för kost- och idrottsvetenskap)
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People in motion - bridging the local and global: The 8th European Association for Sociology of Sport Conference, s. 180-180
Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat
Sammanfattning (abstract):
Since the mid-2000s, there has been an increase of schools and programs in the Swedish education system profiled on sports and health. This has meant that the supply of physical activities in school has increased in size and changed to be much more than the subject Physical Education (PE). A large part of this new supply is that pupils are offered training in different sports during the school day, something that could be resembled to the international concept of School Sport. This study is part of a larger project on how primary schools organize their sport profiles, the content offered and who the pupils and teachers are. The study is based on a data from 854 schools' websites and interviews with 50 principals from schools that offer a sport profile. Preliminary result show that almost 25% of the schools offer some kind of sport profile and that there are mainly two kinds. One where schools offer a broad sport and health profile usually with a PE teacher in charge, and one in which schools offer training in a specific sport during the school day usually with a sports coach. When the schools offer a specific sport, the team sports dominate the supply with soccer as most common. The results also show that there are more boys than girls participating in the activities, especially when the schools have selected a specific sport. Furthermore, the result show that the schools' purpose and reason for offering a sport profile is of a diverse nature. In conclusion, this study shows that the Swedish model with compulsory PE in schools and voluntary sport in voluntary sport clubs appear to be changing and that the voluntary sport clubs now has its own space within the school system.
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Principal, Sport profile, Voluntary sport
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2013-11-08 15:18

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