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Democratic literacy – a complex object of learning

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Mona Holmqvist Olander (Institutionen för didaktik och pedagogisk profession); Birte Sandberg (-)
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International Journal of lesson and learning study, 2 ( 3 ) s. 281 - 299
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to describe a learning study with a complex object of learning – democracy. Design/methodology/approach – The study consists of four research lessons in four different classes in grade 6. In the study two teachers, 78 students and two researchers participated. In the first lesson (A) 21 students participated, in the second class (B) 17, in the third class (C) 21 and in the last lesson (D) 19 students. The research lessons were 80 minutes each, designed based on variation. The students took a pre-test before the lesson and a post-test after. Findings – The results show the relationship between the pattern of variation used by the teacher during the lesson and students’ learning outcome. In lesson A contrast was used between democracy and dictatorship. In lesson B the aspects were varied due to the discussions between the teacher and the students that resulted in less focus on the whole perspective. The design of lesson C offered students a sequential presentation of the aspects, the concepts were handled separately and simultaneity was not used. In lesson D the whole was in focus during the entire lesson and the aspects were presented simultaneously in relation to the whole. Group A's increased at the test scores was 63 per cent, B 32 per cent, C 29 per cent and D 91 per cent. Originality/value – The results points at using learning study with complex objects of learning requires offering the relationship between aspects of the phenomenon presented by a background of the meaning of the concept develop the students’ understanding.
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Variation theory, learning study, complex object of learning, democratic literacy.
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2013-10-26 01:06
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