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Simulating the implementation of Coastal Management Mechanisms (CMM) in the Municipality of Vellinge, Malmö Metropolitan Area

Swedish report for SECOA deliverable 3.4

Författare och institution:
Per Knutsson (Institutionen för globala studier); Rickard Näsström (Institutionen för geovetenskaper); Robert Ekberg (Institutionen för geovetenskaper)
Antal sidor:
EU 7th Framework Programme SECOA (Solutions to Environmental Contrasts in Coastal Areas)
Sammanfattning (abstract):
The report accounts for the forecasting of future developments (2050) in Skanör and Falsterbo, Vellinge Municapality, Sweden, according to two different scenarios. In the Coastal Defense Scenario we model the urban development in 2050 in relation to the implementation of inner and outer sea walls as already proposed by Vellinge Municipality. In the Development Limitation Scenario we situate the urban development 2050 in relation to the implementation of a three meter minimum elevation requirement for new development. The comparison of the two scenarios shows that while coastal defenses look attractive due to their capacity to protect existing land use, it will simultaneously interfere with protected natural and cultural areas and it will change a unique cultural landscape. It has a capacity to protect both existing human settlements and new urban development, but may increase the impact of flooding if the walls are not effective enough. On the other hand, minimum elevation requirement provides an alternative with less interference with existing protected areas and less changes in the landscape. In the short time perspective it is a low cost alternative to enhance the resilience of future urban development structures in the face of new conditions. However, it needs to be combined with other measures in order to offer protections for existing human settlements and activities in low lying areas. Furthermore, even though elevation requirements do not infer directly with the existing landscape, it will not protect the landscape from potentially permanent changes caused by inundation, soil erosion and flooding.
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Tvärvetenskapliga studier
Integrated coastal zone management mechanism, climate change, sea-level rise, Vellinge, development scenarios
Ytterligare information:
This the Swedish research team's contribution to the EU 7th Framework Programme SECOA's deliverable 3.4
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2013-10-02 18:34

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