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A Nordic public service media map

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Eva Harrie (Nordicom (2013-))
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Sammanfattning (abstract):
This publication presents an overview of the Nordic public service broadcasting system, in an attempt to map a Nordic public service media model. Through five report sections it seeks to map the Nordic public service role and position from different angles and in different contexts. The first section presents a framework for Nordic public service media by introducing the companies and current regulations. Section 2 pictures the public service companies’ situation related to commercial media on the Nordic media market. The main chapter, section 3, provides key facts about Nordic public service media: its financing, its output in the form of TV and radio channels plus web sites and Nordic cooperation. It also highlights some key features such as news, domestic production, children’s programming, services in minority languages, etc. The two last sections place Nordic media, as well as the Nordic region, in a European or global context. This publication is the third and final volume in Nordicom’s series, Nordic Public Service Media Map, which is a part of the globalisation strategy of the Nordic Council of Ministers. The aim of the project is to elucidate a framework for public service media – showing how the concept of public service media is operationalized in terms of the growth of democracy, the public space, media pluralism, cultural diversity, and social tolerance. Content: Introduction Explanations and Reference Years 1. Nordic Public Service Media: Framework 2. Public Service in the Nordic Media Landscape 3. Nordic Public Service Media: Key Facts 4. Nordic Media in the Global Landscape 5. The Nordic Region: Facts & Figures Definitions and Comments References
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Medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap
Nordic public service broadcasting, public service media, TV, Radio, Financing, Nordic media landscape Children´s programming
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Serie: Nordic public service media map ; 3
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2013-05-30 14:13
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2013-10-01 15:30

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