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Social Assistance among Immigrants and Natives in Sweden

Författare och institution:
Björn Gustafsson (Institutionen för socialt arbete)
Publicerad i:
International journal of manpower, 34 ( 2 ) s. 126-141
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
Purpose: To provide an overview of the issue of social assistance receipt among immigrants to Sweden and compare to receipt by natives. Approach: The paper describes the institutional background, reports statistical information and surveys the literature on the immigrant-native disparity in social assistance receipt. Findings: Most out-payment for social assistance in Sweden refers to foreign-born persons, a category comprising 14 percent of the population. Immigrants tend to assimilate out of social assistance receipt. However, receipt continues to be higher many years after immigration among immigrants from non-rich countries than for natives with several identical characteristics. The elevated probabilities of social assistance receipt among immigrants from non-rich countries are interpreted to be mainly due to failed integration into the labor market at the destination. Practical implications: Policies for integrating immigrants into the labor market are also policies for reducing social assistance receipt among immigrants and reducing immigrant-native social assistance disparity. However, other factors such as the structure of Swedish welfare policy play a role as well. Originality: This is the first survey of the literature on disparities in social assistance receipt between immigrants and natives in Sweden.
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