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VAU TENE... /Hapo zamani...

Ngewa sya Kĩĩkamba sya tene/Hadithi za zamani za Kikamba (Once upon a time…, Kamba folktales)

Karsten Legère (Institutionen för språk och litteraturer); Angelina Kioko (-)
978 9987 531 356
Antal sidor:
xiii + 108
Bok med redaktör, refereegranskad
Taasisi ya Taaluma za Kiswahili, Chuo Kikuu cha Dar es Salaam (Institute of Swahili Studies)
Dar es Salaam
Sammanfattning (abstract):
Re-edition of ten texts in the Kamba language (a major Kenyan Bantu language that is also spoken in Tanzania, e.g. in Kilosa District) that were originally published by missionary Julius Augustiny (of Leipzig Mission) as "Kambamärchen" in the German "Zeitschrift für Eingeborenensprachen" 1924/25, XV:82-116, 213-223; texts were completely revised by Prof. Kioko (United States International University Nairobi) and reproduced in the current Kamba orthography; a parallel Swahili translation of all texts was provided. Foreword by Prof. Dr. Dr. John Mbiti (Prof. emer. University of Bern, Switzerland) who emphasizes the unique value of the text collection that dates back more than 100 years. The Swahili translation makes the Kamba cultural heritage available to all who are competent in this international language in East Africa and beyond.
Ämne (baseras på Högskoleverkets indelning av forskningsämnen):
Språk och litteratur ->
Språkstudier ->
Övriga språk ->
Language documentation, text corpus for the Kamba language (important Kenyan language, also spoken in Tanzania) in the standard orthography (developed and used in Kenya), orature (focus on folk stories). Swahili literary translation of the stories
Ytterligare information:
Each story is illustrated (by Juma Mgenda), the publication year is given as 2012, while, in fact, printing took place in early March 2013.
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