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Exploring the Potential of the Drawing Intervention Method for Design and Evaluation by Young Children

Författare och institution:
Wolmet Barendregt (Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi (GU) & Linnécentret for forskning om lärande (LinCS)); Mathilde Bekker (-)
Publicerad i:
Proceedings of CHI - WiP, s. 193-198
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
This paper describes the preliminary results of an exploratory study on the use of the Drawing Intervention method for both design and evaluation activities with young children (4-7). In this study we wanted to a) investigate how a variant of this method can be used to evaluate a game with younger children than the ones participating in previous studies, b) how well it works as a method to invite children to generate design ideas, and c) whether it works as a collaborative design method. Findings suggest that in general children were able to create drawings related to the proposed themes and showing their understanding of several aspects of the technologies/games that they encountered. The youngest children found it hard to collaborate and usually worked on one side of the paper if forced to share a paper, while some older children sometimes were able to create one game together.
Ämne (baseras på Högskoleverkets indelning av forskningsämnen):
Data- och informationsvetenskap ->
Människa-datorinteraktion (interaktionsdesign)
Children, evaluation methods
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2013-03-08 09:04
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