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The impact of work-related stress on the sexual relation quality of the couple

Författare och institution:
Ann-Christine Andersson Arntén (Psykologiska institutionen); Trevor Archer (Psykologiska institutionen); Bengt Jansson (Psykologiska institutionen)
Publicerad i:
Sexologies, 17, Supplement 1 ( 0 ) s. S60
Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat
Sammanfattning (abstract):
This study is part of a research project including stress, coping-strategies, mood, partnership relation quality, and illhealth. Earlier findings tentatively suggest the health-promoting advantages of positive partnership relations in counteracting the illhealth accruing from various types of general stress and the particular stresses of work occupation. In this study two hundred and twelve participants derived from several different occupations, responded to questionnaires based upon self-report instruments including the Subjective Stress Experience Questionnaire, the Stress and Energy Scale, the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, the Job Stress Survey, Partnership Relations Quality Test, and the Positive and Negative Affect Scale. Gender differences were found in levels of sexual desire and intercourse satisfaction, together with sexual pleasure and more orgasms. The results also indicated that illhealth induced less frequency of caressing, fewer orgasms during intercourse, lower level of intercourse satisfaction and sexual pleasure). Negative affect induced lower levels of intercourse satisfaction and sexual desire. Work related stress induced a lower level of intercourse satisfaction and sexual desire. On the other hand good coping-strategies were related to higher frequency of caressing, intimate communication, intercourse frequency, sexual pleasure, and intercourse satisfaction. Positive affect induced higher level of intercourse satisfaction, sexual pleasure, sexual desire, more orgasms, and greater satisfaction with the sexual life. These results indicate that stress, illhealth, and negative affect impairs a flourishing love life and that coping-strategies and positive affect on the other hand are positive factors for obtaining such a love life.
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