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Designers as Language Innovators? Implications for Designers and Managers with Design-Driven Innovation

Författare och institution:
Anna Rylander (Gothenburg Research Institute (GRI) & Högskolan för design och konsthantverk)
Publicerad i:
9th International Conference of the European Academy of Design, Porto, Portugal, 4-7 May 2011,
Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat
Sammanfattning (abstract):
The interest in design as a driver of innovation has risen dramatically in recent years. Nevertheless, while some studies indicate that investments in design may affect business performance, and that design-driven companies tend to be more innovative than others, we still know little about how design-driven innovation actually occurs in practice. Other studies show that there are still many hurdles to be overcome before the full potential of design as a driver of innovation can be fully realized. Among the most commonly noted are the communication issues between designers and their clients with a business or engineering background, reflecting different epistemological stances and professional identities. To be able to bridge this divide we need new theoretical frameworks that allow us to address the unique contributions of each discipline together, yet on their own terms. This paper outlines a sketch for such a framework departing from the notion of design-driven innovation, defined as radical innovation in meaning. It is argued that pragmatist philosophers John Dewey and G. H. Mead provide the basis for a theoretical platform for understanding how meaning is shaped and negotiated in design practice and in meetings between designers and their clients as well as between the design object and its users. A case study of a design consultancy is used to illustrate the connection and relevance of pragmatist philosophy to contemporary design practice.
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Design, innovation, aestehtics, pragmatism
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