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Statistical modelling of pedestrian wind speed using high‐resolution digital surface models

Författare och institution:
Lars Johansson (Institutionen för geovetenskaper); Fredrik Lindberg (Institutionen för geovetenskaper); Shiho Onomura (Institutionen för geovetenskaper); Björn Holmer (Institutionen för geovetenskaper); Sofia Thorsson (Institutionen för geovetenskaper)
Publicerad i:
The Eight International Conference on Urban Climates, ( abstract 183 )
Konferensbidrag, övrigt
Sammanfattning (abstract):
Spatial variations of near ground wind speed (2magl) within urban areas are simulated by using a statistical model. The model is built upon the statistical relationship between derivatives extracted from digital surface models characterizing urban geometries (sky view factor, fetch, frontal area index) and wind speed, using statistical regression techniques. The geometric parameters are calculated for a number of urban settings in Gothenburg, Sweden. Wind speed patterns are derived using the three-dimensional microclimate model, ENVI-met. The model closely estimate the wind speed within-the major parts of the model domains such as in squares, and narrow streets as well as canyons perpendicular to the incoming wind direction. However, the output wind speed patterns are largely different from the wind speed simulated by ENVI-met in wide streets and around buildings where wind speed is high. Statistical models, as presented here, would be useful for not only climatologist/ meteorologist but also urban designers to consider wind modes depending on urban geometries and also to estimate thermal comfort influenced by wind.
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Fysisk geografi
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Meteorologi och atmosfärforskning
Digital Surface Models, Sky View Factor, Fetch, Frontal Area Index
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