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Feedback opens and closes dimensions of variation

Författare och institution:
Angelika Kullberg (Institutionen för didaktik och pedagogisk profession)
Publicerad i:
The EARLI SIG 9, Phenomenography and variation theory biennal conference proceedings, 27-28 August, Jönköping, Sweden, s. 24
Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat
Sammanfattning (abstract):
In what ways does the teachers’ and students’ feedback contribute to learning opportunities in the classroom? This paper reports on a study of the teaching and learning of fractions in two classes in the 3rd grade. Two teachers had planned two lessons together and therefore the tasks and organization of the lessons were similar. The aim of the lessons was that students would learn fractions as a part of a group of objects, for instance 2/3 of 6. Pre and post tests showed that the learning outcomes from the lessons differed. The analysis showed that dimensions of variation was opened or closed in the teachers’ and students’ interaction and feedback. One teachers’ feedback opened for a variation of meaning of the role of the numerator and denominator and in this class students’ learning increased. In the other class the teacher’s feedback closed dimension of variation concerning the role of the numerator and the denominator. None of the students in that class learned what was intended. Teachers’ feedback is in this study connected to opened or closed dimensions of variations and coincides with if student understanding is elaborated or not during the lesson.
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Subject didactics
variation theory, mathematics, learning, feedback
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2012-08-30 16:43
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