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Self-making in Virtually Figured Worlds

Författare och institution:
Russell Francis (Linnécentret for forskning om lärande (LinCS) & Institutionen för pedagogik, kommunikation och lärande)
Publicerad i:
The Future of Work for Young Adults: a workshop on youth, early careers and motivation. March 3rd - 5th. Green-Templeton College, Oxford University.,
Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat
Sammanfattning (abstract):
This talk explores how advanced agentic students are exploiting access to social media to transform the quasi-virtual contexts of their own learning and development. Access to social networking technologies that allow students to cultivate globally distributed 'funds of living knowledge’ (Moll et al.) and learn through serious play in virtually 'figured worlds’ (Holland et al. 1998.,Francis, 2008, 2010) are central to this line of inquiry. Building on existing work in the sociocultural tradition I argue that social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and create quasi-virtual contexts that mediate students’ sense sense of self and community, their sense of who they are and who they might become. This conceptual move opens up a new way of thinking about the future of (self) education in quasi-virtual contexts that transcend institutional and geographical boundaries. More specifically, it allows us to understand how virtually figured worlds function as expanded spaces of self-authoring and allow students to enact their projective identities (Gee, 2003) through a form of serious play as they take on professional roles and responsibilities.
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Virtually Figured Worlds, Self-Making, Projectivity, World-Making, Distributed Self, Identity Formation
Ytterligare information:
This conference paper combined insights emerging from my doctoral work funded by the Economic and Social Science Research Council, insights gained through additional case studies funded by the John Fell fund and ongoing work at the University of Gothenburg funded by the Linnaeus Center for Research on Learning, Interaction and Mediated Communication in Contemporary Society.
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2012-05-03 14:43

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