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Pencil Fields: An Expressive Low-Tech Performance Interface for Analog Synthesis

Författare och institution:
Palle Dahlstedt (Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi (GU) & Högskolan för scen och musik)
Publicerad i:
Proceedings of New Interfaces for Musical Expression Conference (NIME 2012), Ann Arbour, Michigan, May 21-23, 2012, to appear
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Sammanfattning (abstract):
I present a novel low-tech multidimensional gestural con- troller, based on the resistive properties of a 2D eld of pencil markings on paper. A set of movable electrodes (plus, minus, ground), made from soldered stacks of coins, create a dynamic voltage potential eld in the carbon layer, and an- other set of movable electrodes tap voltages from this eld. These voltages are used to control complex sound engines in an analogue modular synthesizer. Both the voltage eld and the tap electrodes can be moved freely. The design was inspired by previous research in complex mappings for advanced digital instruments, and provide a similarly dy- namic playing environment for analogue synthesis. The in- terface is cheap to build, and provide exible control over a large set of parameters. It is musically satisfying to play, and allow for a wide range of playing techniques, from wild exploration to subtle expressions. I also present an exten- sive inventory of the available playing techniques, motivated by the instrument, musically, conceptually and theatrically. The performance aspects of the interface are also discussed. The interface has been used in a number of performances in Sweden and Japan in 2011, and is also used by other musicians.
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gestural interface, control surface, 2d, analog synthesis, performance, improvisation
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2012-03-19 10:03
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