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Deception detection: Reflections on future lines of research

Författare och institution:
Pär-Anders Granhag (Psykologiska institutionen)
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Invited keynote lecture given at the First China International Conference on Psychology & Law (Beijing, October 2011),
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Sammanfattning (abstract):
In the first part of this lecture I will describe the traditional way of conducting research on deception detection (i.e., having participants passively trying to detect what is not there). I will summarize what we have learned from this research, but also put the search-light on some important questions that remain to be answered. In the next part of the lecture I will acknowledge a new wave of research examining ways to interview to detect deception (i.e., to actively elicit diagnostic cues to deception and truth). I will discuss the evidence-based approach, and particularly the so-called Strategic Use of Evidence technique (SUE). I will describe the basics of the SUE-technique, summarize the empirical findings supporting the effectiveness of the technique and show some concrete applications of the technique.
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Deception detection, Strategic use of evidence
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2012-01-13 10:25

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