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Proteomics in asthma and COPD phenotypes and endotypes for biomarker discovery and improved understanding of disease entities

Författare och institution:
Serena O'Neil (Krefting Research Centre); Bo Lundbäck (Krefting Research Centre); Jan Lötvall (Krefting Research Centre)
Publicerad i:
Journal of Proteomics, 75 ( 1 ) s. 192-201
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
The application of proteomics to respiratory diseases, such as asthma and COPD, has been limited compared to other fields, like cancer. Both asthma and COPD are recognised to be multi-factorial and complex diseases, both consisting of clusters of multiple disease phenotypes. The complexity of these diseases combined with the inaccessibility and invasiveness of disease relevant samples have provided a hurdle to the progress of respiratory proteomics. Advances in proteomic instrumentation and methodology have led to the possibility to identify proteomes in much smaller quantities of biological material. This review focuses on the efforts in respiratory proteomics in relation to asthma and COPD, and the importance of identifying subgroups of disease entities to establish appropriate biomarkers, and to enhance the understanding of underlying mechanisms in each subgroup. Careful phenotype characterisation of patient subpopulations is required to make improvement in the field of heterogeneous diseases such as asthma and COPD, and the clusters of phenotypes are likely to encompass subgroups of disease with distinct molecular mechanisms; endotypes. The utilisation of modern advanced proteomics in endotypes of asthma and COPD will likely contribute to the increased understanding of disease mechanisms, establishment of biomarkers for these endotypes and improved patient care.
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Respiratory; Proteomics; COPD; Asthma; Phenotypes; Endotypes
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Epub 2011 Oct 20
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2011-12-29 16:47
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2012-06-14 13:43

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