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From Learning to Labour to Learning for Marginality: School Segregation and Marginalisation in Swedish Suburbs

Författare och institution:
Dennis Beach (-); Ove Sernhede (Institutionen för kulturvetenskaper)
Publicerad i:
British Journal of Sociology of Education, 32 ( 2 ) s. 257-274
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
In this article, using data from ethnographic research, we try to present some glimpses of the way education is described as an experience and possibility ‘from below’, by pupils who grow up and study in schools in the most segregated and territorially stigmatized suburbs on the outskirts of our major cities. What we feel they describe is an experience of schooling for surviving the social and economic consequences of curtailed citizenship in a post‐industrial society rather than one of schooling that offers possibilities of integration and full citizenship or social transformation. Our findings have significant policy implications in this respect. Sweden has historically pursued projects aimed at educational inclusion but has recently taken a significant turn toward neo‐liberalism and educational consumerism, since which time various disadvantaged groups have become increasingly concentrated compared with others in under‐achieving schools in an economically threatened public sector. The article discusses some aspects and possible consequences of this development.
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marginality, ethnography, symbolic violence, stigmatization, segregation, curtailed citizenship
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2011-12-05 17:50
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2016-01-11 11:19

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