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How to become active in the world again? A former step to assessment

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Inger Berndtsson (Institutionen för pedagogik och didaktik, enheten för Specialpedagogik)
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Paper presenterat vid Vision 2002, 7th International Conference on Low Vision, 21–25 July Göteborg,
Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat
Sammanfattning (abstract):
Assessing peoples’ capacities and skills in performing daily life activities is a very important work and research goal. In one way it is meaningful to know about visually impaired persons’ competence in daily life, but in another way you could say, for what use. Will the assessment procedure make the persons feel happier, or, will they through these procedures perform better in the future? There are many questions to address in relation to assessment. However, I believe we risk to miss something important focusing too much on assessment. For me another question is more relevant. How can a person, struck with visual impairment or blindness, again become active in the world? What circumstances will push these processes forward or constitute barriers (cp. ICF)? In a qualitative study focusing eight visually impaired and blind adults, it was obvious that blindness has to be related to the whole life. Being blind was interpreted as a break in the whole life-situation in relation to time, the physical environment, other persons, and the performance of activities. In starting to handle their new life-situation all these life-world dimensions have to be focused. Here, learning seemed to be a basic category, further developed by use of the concept horizon. Learning processes comprise learning of completely new activities, as well as re-learning activities in a new way. In research penetrating these processes, further focusing both the person and the world, is of most importance as a former step to assessment.
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changed life-situation, learning processes, visual impairment, life-world
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2011-09-12 17:04

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