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Stromal Vascular Fraction Transplantation as an Alternative Therapy for Ischemic Heart Failure: Anti-inflammatory Role.

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Goditha U Premaratne (Wallenberglaboratoriet); Li-Ping Ma (Wallenberglaboratoriet); Masatoshi Fujita (-); Xue Lin (-); Entela Bollano (Wallenberglaboratoriet); Michael Fu (Wallenberglaboratoriet)
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Journal of cardiothoracic surgery, 6 s. 43
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ABSTRACT: Background The aims of this study were: (1) to show the feasibility of using adipose-derived stromal vascular fraction (SVF) as an alternative to bone marrow mono nuclear cell (BM-MNC) for cell transplantation into chronic ischemic myocardium; and (2) to explore underlying mechanisms with focus on anti-inflammation role of engrafted SVF and BM-MNC post chronic myocardial infarction (MI) against left ventricular (LV) remodelling and cardiac dysfunction. Methods Four weeks after left ante rior descending coronary artery ligation, 32 Male Lewis rats with moderate MI were divided into 3 groups. SVF group (n = 12) had SVF cell transplantation (6 × 106 cells). BM-MNC group (n = 12) received BM-MNCs (6 × 106) and the control (n = 10) had culture medium. At 4 weeks, after the final echocardiography, histological sections were stained with Styrus red and immunohistochemical staining was performed for α-smooth muscle actin, von Willebrand factor, CD3, CD8 and CD20. Results At 4 weeks, in SVF and BM-MNC groups, LV diastolic dimension and LV systolic dimension were smaller and fractional shortening was increased in echocardiography, compared to control group. Histology revealed highest vascular density, CD3+ and CD20+ cells in SVF transplanted group. SVF transplantation decreased myocardial mRNA expression of inflammatory cytokines TNF-α, IL-6, MMP-1, TIMP-1 and inhibited collagen deposition. Conclusions Transplantation of adipose derived SVF cells might be a useful therapeutic option for angiogenesis in chronic ischemic heart disease. Anti-inflammation role for SVF and BM transplantation might partly benefit for the cardioprotective effect for chronic ischemic myocardium.
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