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Liberal Rights Within a Welfare Discourse: The Swedish Criminal Records Act and International Policy

Författare och institution:
Christel Backman (Sociologiska institutionen)
Publicerad i:
ISA XVII World Congress of Sociology, 12-17 of July 2010, Gothenburg, Sweden ,
Konferensbidrag, övrigt
Sammanfattning (abstract):
In this paper I discuss how international agreements such as recommendations from the Council of Europe have had influence over the Swedish Criminal Records Act, and how items set up internationally to protect individuals have had a contradictory effect in the national Swedish context. I particularly analyze how a liberal perspective with a focus on protecting the individual against the state is dealt with within a discourse driven by welfare ideology. I analyze how the construction of ‘risk of harm’ to individuals changes in relation to a greater influence from international policies and EU-legislation, and the shifting rationalities within the welfare state. Ever since the Swedish Criminal Records Register was set up in 1901, it has been viewed as potentially harmful to individuals if used by the wrong actors. The possibility of others, e.g. employers, taking advantage of subject’s right to access served for a long time as a reason to only allow individuals limited access to the record. When Sweden introduced full subject’s access in 1987, as a result of recommendations from the Council of Europe, the perception of the risk of harm to individuals had to be reformulated and downplayed. This new focus on individual's rights resulted in a limited space to account for the protection of individuals with previously used methods such as denying subject's access. The results of this turned out to be a dramatic increase in ‘enforced subject access’ during the last decade, i.e. employers demanding a copy of employment-seekers criminal record. However, the new 'rights discourse' set restrictions for how this problem can be dealt with.
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criminal records, international policy, Sweden, subject access
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2011-04-15 13:16

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