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Pottery from the monumental area at Acquarossa: a preliminary report

Författare och institution:
Margareta Strandberg Olofsson (Klassiska institutionen)
Publicerad i:
Opuscula Romana, 20 s. 149-159
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
The monumental area at Acquarossa is best known for the mould-made architectural terracottas of the latest period. Head antefixes and relief plaques decorated the main buildings, which had a function different from the ordinary domestic architecture. The pottery found in conjunction with these buildings is a find category which is essential for the interpretation of the function of the area, as well as for the dating of the period of use. This preliminary report on the pottery presents a representative selection of items in various fabrics and shapes but it is far from exhaustive. Of the probable activities in the area suggested by the structure and decoration of the architecture, formal dining is best attested by the pottery. There are considerable quantities of pottery with a full range of vessels, from very large ones for storage purposes to small, fine ones for the serving and drinking of wine. As for dating, there is no pottery which has necessarily to be dated much later than the middle of the VIth century B.C., which means that the end of the latest period in the monumental area, and thus of the Etruscan habitation at Acquarossa, fell some time after 550, probably in the third quarter of the century.
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Acquarossa, Etruscan, pottery, archaic
Ytterligare information:
The article is followed by others in Opuscula Romana, treating separate groups of pottery.
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2010-10-17 13:45

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