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Comparative acute toxicity of leachates from various textiles to Daphnia magna

Författare och institution:
Göran Dave (Institutionen för växt- och miljövetenskaper); Pia Aspegren (-)
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SETAC Europe 20th Annual Meeting, 23-27 May 2010, Seville, Spain PROGRAMME BOOK,
Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat
Sammanfattning (abstract):
The environmental aspects of textiles are very complex and include production, processing, transport, usage, and recycling. Textiles are made from a variety of materials and can contain a large number of chemicals. Chemicals are used during production of fibres, for preservation and colouring and they are released during normal wear and during washing. The aim of this study was to investigate the release to water of toxic chemicals from various textiles. Altogether 56 samples of textiles made from cotton (21), linen (4), cotton and linen (7), cellulose (3), synthetic fibres (7), cotton and synthetic fibres (8) and wool (2). Seven were eco-labelled. All textiles were cut into squares and placed into Petri dishes with 50 ml ISO test medium in a concentration series (4 – 256 cm2/50 ml) and tested for acute toxicity to Daphnia magna. Estimated EC50s were converted into weight/volume and 48-h EC50s ranged between <1 g/L and >182 g/L. It was not possible to detect any difference between fibre type and toxicity (ANOVA), but a significantly higher toxicity was found for printed versus unprinted cotton and cotton/linen textiles, while the opposite was found for synthetic textiles. Eco-labelled products were evenly distributed on a toxicity scale, which means that eco-labelling in its present form does not necessarily protect users or the environment from exposure to toxic chemicals. Therefore, the results from the present study suggest that bioassays and toxicity tests should become an integrated part of textile environmental quality control programs.
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Textiles, leachate, toxicity, eco-label, Daphnia magna
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2010-09-28 14:17

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