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Bridging the Gap in Chile: a critical realist analysis of an NGO`s educational support program

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Pierre Engström (Institutionen för socialt arbete)
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Presented at the Collaborative Action Research Network (CARN), Annual International Conference 2007 "Action Research Beyond Borders and Divides", November 9-11, Umeå University, s. 25
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Sammanfattning (abstract):
"Adopta un Herman@", a Chilean NGO program, fortifies the educational domain of primary school children in situations of poverty, making possible the generation of long-term capacities. Regional professionals and supervisors establish relations with public agencies/schools and NGOs, and student volunteers perform the intervention. Using Critical Realism’s epistemology and ontology and its notion of generative mechanisms, this paper aims at revealing how both up-ward and down-ward legitimacy occurs. A retroductive and counterfactual analysis, focusing on “what works for whom under what circumstances” in the regions of Antofagasta and Araucanía suggests that different discursive and trust/confidence mechanisms generate legitimacy when triggered by local context, advancing through four possible levels. Moreover, different CMO(Context-Mechanism-Outcomes)-configurations in the volunteer-family-child-school-relations are presented. Furthermore, the advantages of the specially developed technique of collective counterfactual thinking in group interviews are briefly discussed.
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Socialt arbete
critical realism, legitimacy, latin america, chile, non governmental organizations
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