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What Management-Speak Does

Författare och institution:
Patrik Zapata (Förvaltningshögskolan)
Publicerad i:
ISA World 2010,
Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat
Sammanfattning (abstract):
Management-speak is the language managers speak among themselves. This is not a unique observation. What is more interesting is that not only managers use management-speak, but more and more people use it in more and more contexts and noticeably often with great success. Politicians, bureaucrats, managers, soccer coaches, bishops and others are using it. With a language come not only words and expressions, but ways of thinking, values and views of things – and they matter. There is a difference between socializing for pleasure and mingling because one wants to invest in a social network. This paper is about what management-speak in a text does. Texts written in management-speak make us perceive the reality described in a different manner than texts written in other languages. In the paper I, by the use of de- and reconstruction, turn management-speak over, again and again, to show what texts in management-speak do and make possible. The text that I give attention to in this essay is about landmines. It is collected from UN’s website and has the title Effects on Society. The text is an excerpt from a longer one, Facts on landmines, and describes the effects of landmines on society. The result is that management-speak does: neutralizes, enlarges, makes the general special, many people can use it, facilitates organizational hypocrisy, overcomes time and space, makes texts economic and offers solutions to problems.
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Language and society
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2010-08-11 17:17

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