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Contrasting effects of wood ash application on microbial community structure, biomass and processes in drained forested peatlands

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Robert G. Björk (-); Maria Ernfors (Institutionen för växt- och miljövetenskaper); Ulf Sikström (-); Mats B. Nilsson (-); Mats X. Andersson (Institutionen för växt- och miljövetenskaper); Tobias Rütting (Institutionen för växt- och miljövetenskaper); Leif Klemedtsson (Institutionen för växt- och miljövetenskaper)
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FEMS Microbiology Ecology, 73 ( 3 ) s. 550-562
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
The effects of wood ash application on soil microbial processes were investigated in three drained forested peatlands, which differed in nutrient status and time since application. Measured variables included concentrations of soil elements and phospholipid fatty acids (PLFAs), net nitrogen mineralisation, nitrification and denitrification enzyme activity, potential methane oxidation, methane production and microbial respiration kinetics. Wood ash application had a considerable influence on soil element concentrations. This mirrored a decrease in the majority of the microbial biomarkers by more than one-third in the two oligotrophic peatlands, although microbial community composition was not altered. The decreases in PLFAs coincided with reduced net ammonification and net nitrogen mineralisation. Other measured variables did not change systematically as a result of wood ash application. No significant changes in microbial biomass or processes were found in the mesotrophic peatland, possibly because too little time (1 year) had elapsed since the wood ash application. This study suggests that oligotrophic peatlands can be substantially affected by wood ash for a period of at least four years after application. However, within 25 years of the wood ash application, the microbial biomass seemed to have recovered or adapted to enhanced element concentrations in the soil.
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Methane; Microbial response; Nitrogen turnover; Peat; PLFA; Substrate induced respiration (SIR)
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2010-08-06 13:33
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2010-12-17 11:09

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