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The Association of IQ Scores and School Achievement With Suicide in a 40-year Follow-Up of a Swedish Cohort

Författare och institution:
Lena Andersson (Institutionen för medicin, avdelningen för samhällsmedicin och folkhälsa); Jan-Eric Gustafsson (Institutionen för pedagogik och didaktik); Peter Allebeck (-); D Gunnell (-)
Publicerad i:
10th International Congress of Behavioural Medicine, Drawing from traditional sources and basic research to improve health of individuals, communities and populations, August 27-30, 2008 Tokyo, Japan,
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Sammanfattning (abstract):
In this study we have used longitudinal Swedish data with a follow up period of 40 years and included data on both men and women. By using the Swedish personal identification number, educational data (IQ- and school tests) were linked with the National Cause of Death Register, identifying all suicides in the cohorts up to 31st December 2003 and linkage was also made with the National Inpatient Register.Data on childhood socioeconomic status was also included. Our analysis identified gender differences and four broad patterns of associations between tests of intelligence and school performance at age 13 and later suicide risk. Early detection and appropriate interventions amongst children with low cognitive ability may be important in order to prevent future psychiatric disorders and suicide risk. Strategies for better cognitive function implemented in childhood and adolescence may contribute to improved adult health. Increased knowledge of mental health status and suicide risk among high performing females also needs further elucidation.
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Folkhälsovetenskap, global hälsa, socialmedicin och epidemiologi
IQ, suicide
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2010-04-02 09:42
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