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A review of treatment interventions in whiplash-associated disorders.

Författare och institution:
Aris Seferiadis (Institutionen för samhällsmedicin, Avdelningen för allmänmedicin); Mark Rosenfeld (Institutionen för arbetsterapi och fysioterapi); Ronny K Gunnarsson (-)
Publicerad i:
European spine journal : official publication of the European Spine Society, the European Spinal Deformity Society, and the European Section of the Cervical Spine Research Society, 13 ( 5 ) s. 387-97
Artikel, forskningsöversikt
Sammanfattning (abstract):
In recent years, there has been much debate on the treatment of whiplash-associated disorders (WAD). It is not clear if the treatments commonly employed are effective, and concerns have been raised on the available scientific evidence of many of these treatments. The aim of this study was to review the literature systematically to analyze the evidence basis of many commonly used treatments for patients suffering from WAD, both in the acute and the chronic state. A computer-assisted search of the databases Medline (from 1962 to May 2003), CINAHL (1960-2003), Embase (1976-2003), and Psychinfo (1960-2003) was conducted as well as a check of the reference lists of relevant studies. All randomized controlled trials (RCTs) were retrieved and systematically analyzed with three common instruments of measurement of methodological quality. A qualitative analysis ("best-evidence synthesis") was performed. The methodological quality of 26 RCTs was analyzed. The median quality scores for all three instruments were poor. Based on the degrees of evidence and the practical obstacles, the following treatments can be recommended: Early physical activity in acute WAD, radiofrequency neurotomy, combination of cognitive behavioral therapy with physical therapy interventions, and coordination exercise therapy in chronic WAD. High-quality RCTs are not common in the field of WAD. More research is needed, particularly on the treatment of chronic WAD.
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Humans, Randomized Controlled Trials as Topic, Whiplash Injuries, therapy
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2010-03-20 11:49
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2011-01-20 09:59

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