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Matematikintresse. Lärares uppfattningar av ett attitydmål

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Rimma Nilsson (Institutionen för pedagogik och didaktik, enheten för Ämnesdidaktik)
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Aim The main aim of this study was to find out how teachers reflect on their work with developing pupils’ interest towards mathematics in grade nine. As a teacher in mathematics, it is important to be aware of different views on interest towards mathematics and how it is possible to work in that direction. Since developing interest towards mathematics is written the in syllabus as criteria for teaching mathematics in grade nine, it is important to know and take an active role in finding ways to approach the issue. Main issues • How do teachers in grade nine reflect over their work with development of interest towards mathematics? • How are teachers’ Beliefs Systems reflected in their work with interest? Method The main focus of this study was teachers’ perspective on their own work on developing interest towards mathematics. Since I was interested in finding out how a phenomenon (interest towards mathematics) is perceived by teachers, a qualitative, phenomenographic approach was my choice of method. Authorized teachers from different schools were asked to write a reflection on their work with developing interest towards mathematics. Ten teachers participated in this study. An analysis of their stories was made, based on a theoretical framework of interest as a phenomenon as well as teachers’ beliefs system as a factor that has an impact on classroom practice. Results and teaching application All teachers did not think that they work on developing interest towards mathematics. Teachers with Instrumentalistic view combined with Problemsolving Belief System tend to actively work on developing interest. Other factors that teachers believe contribute to interest development are basic knowledge, integration with other subjects, relevance to everyday life, teachers’ attitude towards subject and well organized lessons. Hopefully this study can be of use and inspiration for a future generation of mathematics teachers, as well as a reminder for practicing teachers of today.
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2010-03-03 14:49

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