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Närståendes erfarenheter av ett palliativt hemsjukvårdsteam

Next-of-kin´s experiences from a palliative home nursing team

Författare och institution:
Ingbritt Borstrand (-); Linda Berg (Institutionen för vårdvetenskap och hälsa)
Publicerad i:
Vård i Norden, 29 ( 4 ) s. 15-19
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
The extension of advanced home-nursing has increased, and previous research shows that many persons prefer to die in their own homes. Relatives are significant in nursing, but it is emotional and demanding for the relative who needs support. The purpose of the study is to elucidate the relative’s experiences of a palliative home-nursing team. An interview-study with 13 relatives, to patients who have home-nursing until the end of their lives, supported with a palliative home-nursing team. A qualitative content analysis of content is used. The relatives were thankful for the element of security, but experienced exposedness, which appeared as an overall theme. Six categories identified: Trust in the nursing-team. To be invited to/ and get support in caring. To share the responsibility with the team. Not be in agreement with. To experience strain. To get support after the caring period. In spite of the fact that the relatives were very pleased; they experienced security and had trust to the nursing-team, it was found out that the teams resources was not always enough, which is confirmed in former research. Since patients as well as relatives are unique and therefore have different needs of palliative teams, is it important to elucidate this to facilitate security.
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experience, home-nursing, relatives, palliative care, palliative team
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