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The conformations of the O-specific polysaccharides of Shigella dysenteriae type 4 and Escherichia coli O159 studied with molecular mechanics (MM3) filtered systematic search.

Författare och institution:
Jimmy Rosen (Institutionen för medicinsk och fysiologisk kemi); Armin Robobi (Institutionen för medicinsk och fysiologisk kemi); Per-Georg Nyholm (Institutionen för medicinsk och fysiologisk kemi)
Publicerad i:
Carbohydrate Research, 339 ( 5 ) s. 961-966
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
The branched O-antigens of Escherichia coli O159 and Shigella dysenteriae type 4 are structurally related and are known to show cross-reactivity with antibodies. In the present study, conformational analyses were performed on these two O-antigens using molecular mechanics MM3(96) with filtered systematic search. The results show very strong steric restrictions for the trisaccharide at the branch point of the E. coli O159 antigen, especially for the β-d-GlcNAc-(1 → 3)-β-d-GlcNAc linkage of the main chain. For the type 4 O-antigen the calculations show essentially a single conformation with respect to the α-d-GlcNAc-(1 → 3)-α-d-GlcNAc linkage of the main chain and three different favoured conformations for the fucose branch. Consecutive repeating units of the S. dysenteriae type 4 and E. coli O159 O-antigens form linear extended chains with significant flexibility between the branches. Comparative calculations carried out with the SWEET server indicate that our method of filtered systematic search is a superior method in the case of branched, constrained oligosaccharides. Based on the results of the MM3 calculations, we propose that the common epitope explaining the cross-reactivity comprises the fucose branch, the downstream GlcNAc and part of the uronic acid.
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carbohydrate conformation O-antigen Shigella molecular mechanics, helical structure, antigen
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2010-02-28 23:40
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