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Daniel's Maier's ivory organ: An emblem for a Protestant prince

Författare och institution:
Joel Speerstra (Göteborg Organ Art Center)
Publicerad i:
The Organ Yearbook, 38 s. 45-60
Artikel, övrig vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
In 2006 I published an article* that considered whether the 1610 Compenius organ in Fredriksborg, Denmark could be read visually as a seventeenth-century emblem for the alchemical process. For the conference “Organs In Art, Organs As Art” organized by the Research Center for Music Iconography at the City University of New York and The Organ Historical Society, 15-17 October 2008, I explored this theme further by attempting an emblematic reading of the other preserved organ with an ivory facade, namely the Daniel Maier organ for Schmahlkalden from 1586. The motive was to establish whether the Compenius organ was a unique manifestation of this emblematic urge in instrument building, or whether one could establish that it was part of larger visual traditions within organ building contemporary to the court of Rudolf II. *Speerstra, Joel. “The Compenius Organ: An Alchemical Wedding of Sound and Symbol” in Orphei Organi Antiqui: Essays in Honor of Harald Vogel. Orcas, WA: Westfield, 2006, 381-400.
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organ, Daniel Maier, emblem, claviorganum, Wilhelm IV, Compenius
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2010-01-25 17:09

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