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Local participation in conservation management begets empowerment?

Författare och institution:
Andrea Morf (Institutionen för marin ekologi & Institutionen för globala studier, humanekologi); Gunilla Almered Olsson (Institutionen för globala studier, humanekologi)
Publicerad i:
Internationl Conference for Human Ecology, Society for Human Ecological. Abstract volume. Manchester, UK, June 29- July 3, 2009,
Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat
Sammanfattning (abstract):
Local participation in conservation management begets empowerment? Andrea Morf and Gunilla A. Olsson, Human Ecology, School of Global Studies. University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Email: The involvement of local stakeholders in resource management is a current imperative in international conventions such as CBD and in the Rio-declaration (UNCED 1992). However, the amount of influence by the stakeholders in the management plans and processes, is not granted and often unclear. The expectations from stakeholders on outcome from such processes are diverging. The current system for resource management is not constructed to include bottom up processes and the new initiatives for management lead to informal shift of power which poses new challenges for the legitimization of decisions. The involvement in the process is based on voluntary engagement which causes challenges in maintaining continuity. Until lately Sweden had applied a top-down approach to resource management but around the millennium shift there was a change towards participatory processes for conservation management. This paper is an overview of six pilot case studies on participative efforts in conservation management from different ecosystems in Sweden. The results of the processes of adaptive co-management, are interpreted in terms of the degree of sustainable development with respect of empowerment of participants in local communities, effects on economic development and environment. Problems and challenges of the process are discussed and related to scales in time and space.
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conservation management, local participation, sustainable development, sustaiable use of natural resources, resilience
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