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Einar Nielsen (Musikhögskolan)
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10th Conference Nordic Research on Music Education in the Perspective of International Research Stockholm, January 13–16, 2005,
Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat
Sammanfattning (abstract):
The Social Dimension. A neglected Part of the Bologna Declaration. In my FOKU report, Quality in Teaching, Part Two, I am focusing on some superior goals for the education at Danish music conservatories. Interesting is how the institutions in the ongoing Bologna process coop with the new challenges in implementing the political directions concerning specific pedagogical issues (for example the social context) in their policies. It is a common secret, that teaching music on the highest level still today has very little to do with development and communication of universal values, built on critical thinking. The traditional teaching is based on apprenticeship. And to enlighten the dark side of this old, valuable teaching method should be the principal task of the process of change. But as demonstrated in my study, the reactions on the political directions vary from vague attempts to implementation over lame neglecting to insistent sabotage. What makes the situation so obvious is the fact, that we in Denmark still label our higher musical education centres “conservatoires”. In other countries this title is today primarily reserved for private or community music schools. And the state is often only engaged in high schools and universities, not in conservatories. In Denmark, this means confusion.
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