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Abstract Book of 2nd NOVO Symposium: Sustainable Nordic Health Care Systems, 3. - 4.12.2008 Espoo, Finland

M Laine (-); T Sinervo (-); Jörgen Winkel (Institutionen för arbetsvetenskap)
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Bok, med redaktör
Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
Helsinki, Finland
Sammanfattning (abstract):
Preface The Nordic Council of Ministers has since year 2007 granted establishment and development of a Nordic Network for scientists “NOVO-nätverket” (NOrdisk FoU-nätverk inom Vård och Omsorg) regarding research on work environment and efficiency in the health care sector. An additional aim of the network is to communicate with and to practitioners within the field regarding recent research advances with practical implications. The vision of the NOVO network is a “Nordic Model for sustainable systems” in the health care sector. One of the aims of the NOVO-network is to organise a yearly symposium to expose and discuss present and planned research within the field. During the year 2008 dialog meetings with practitioners within the health care sector have been organised in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The aim was to collect information from the end users of our research regarding their needs of knowledge in their strive towards development of “sustainable production systems”. The conclusions from these meetings will be presented at the meeting to create a basis for discussions on how to match our research with the needs of the practitioners. In addition, two key-note speakers will contribute by summing up “state-of-art”. Professor Paul Lillrank presents an overview on “Productivity in Health Care and the work environment” and Dr Harriet Finne-Soveri’s presents an overview on “Care quality and work environment through standardised assessments”. Finally, we have managed to get a good and strong sample of ongoing research in the Nordic countries within the field covered by the NOVO network. The symposium is conducted with the financial assistance of the Nordic Council of Ministers. We want to thank Tuire Westerholm for her professional assistance in the preparation of the symposium.
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