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Craftmen's Practice of Timber Framing Methods

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Ulrik Hjort Lassen (Institutionen för kulturvård)
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Proceedings of the International Symposium on Timber Structures, 25-27 June, Istanbul, Turkey. "Timber Structures from Antiquity to the Present" - Edited by: John CHILTON and Ihsan MUNGAN, s. 101-112
Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat
Sammanfattning (abstract):
In this paper I have surveyed and classified the different transferring methods used for adjusting irregularly sized timber. In contrary to the research that exists in this field that has mostly focused on buildings and construction types, I have tried to classify and explain the methods that I have identified keeping the focus on what actually happens in the practical situation. It can be seen as an attempt to re-establish the craftsman’s know-how in hands on restoration and reconstruction. The empirical material constists of my own carpentry experience and of participation in practical restoration and reconstruction projects in Danish, Norwegian, French, English, Japanese and American timber-frame traditions. I have also used historical and contemporary literature and handbooks for carpenters that involve methods of scribing irregularly sized timber. The preliminary classification of the transferring methods is followed by a visual description of each identified procedure and a short analysis of effi ciency, workplace arrangements, context of tradition, tools and markings for the different methods. Despite advanced power tools, CAD-drawings and prefabrication, every experienced timber framer has undoubtedly found himself in a situation when the transferring methods are effi cient and therefore needed. Even today there will always be situations that require a craftsman’s practice of timber framing methods.
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timber-framing, transferring methods, building techniques, wooden structures, historical, carpentry, craftsmen, scribe rule, square rule, practical knowledge, know-how, procedure analysis, methods, tools, markings, tradition, building process, restoration, reconstruction
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2010-01-04 14:40

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